About Peeptinis

For those of you who are new to Peeptinis, welcome!

What is the history of Peeptinis?
The exact origins of the Peeptini have been lost to the fog of time, but we do know that our annual Peeptinis celebration started in 2003 with a small gathering of friends in Bellingham, Wash. Since then it has moved–first to Boston and now Somerville–and grown in size and scope. In addition to drinks, snacks, and socializing, we now have an annual PeepCraft competition. The spirit of Peeptinis is to celebrate the arrival of spring with our friends (who we make drink alcohol with a Peep in it, because that’s what friends do).

What the hell is a Peeptini?
A Peeptini, strictly speaking, is a martini with a Peep floating on top. We go with a pretty broad interpretation at this point. Some people have a Cosmo with a Peep, others have their Peep on champagne, a soda, juice, whatever. The main idea is to get a Peep on there. There are always plenty of beverage options to explore. Strict vegetarians have pointed out that Peeps are not something they can eat, so we won’t force the point. We do, however, offer sugar-free options for those who don’t eat sugar.

Do I need to bring anything?
Just yourself. But if you want to bring drinks or snacks or games to share, please feel free! And don’t forget your PeepCraft entry!

Peeptinis has been held every year since 2003, except for 2005, 2007, & 2020. 2014 was the 10th Annual celebration, and 2021 is the first all-virtual Peeptinis.