About Peep Crafts

Golden PeeptiniStarting in 2011 we introduced a Peep Craft Competition. The winner receives the coveted Golden Peeptini Trophy.

2011 – Lindsey for her Make Way for Peeplings Rice Crispy Diorama
2012 – Luke for his rendition of his Peep Poem
2013 – Phil for his Peep Show Diorama
2014 – Heather for her Peeps Specimen Display
2015 – Phil & Josh for their Peeptini Card Game
2016 – Lindsey for Peeps in Space Diorama
2017 – Cindy & Steve for Peep Carnival Games and Peeptini Necklace Prizes
2018 – Courtney for Peepin’ Love Song
2019 – Ian for Peeps Robot Costume
2020 – COVID was the only winner this year. 😢

2021 – ???

Craft Galleries

There is only one rule: The Peep Craft must incorporate Peeps (bunnies, chicks, or any other seasonal Peeps) in some form, physically or thematically. The goal is to be creative and to have fun!