2012 Peep Craft Entries

There was some fierce competition with this year’s Peep Craft competition. Without further ado, I present the entries:

Golden Peeptini Winner
Everyone is Dead but Me — by Luke

The crickle crack of plastic.
Signifying a start
and many ends.

lascivious and grasping,
hungry and gnashing

encircle and pinch my brother.
His screams, too silent to be heard
can only be felt
in the spaces
between our souls.

Pulled away,
our bodies cling
one to the other.

A pull. A tug
and a piece of me goes with him.

Licking, smacking
endless mastication.

His form

Once more it descends.
its shadow
does not signify my end.

But passes over
and my heart betrays
with gratitude
as the claw destroys another.

once more.
Endless and forever.

Struggling to close lidless eyes
deafened by screams without sound
or end

I wait.

But my time does not come.

Without warning,
tossed aside,
I tumble into the dark.

Cast aside.
Discarded and alone.


Runner-up & Second Prize Winner

AngryPeeps — by Josh & Justin

The Other Worthy Challengers

Peep Parade — by Larry & Sonja
Teeny Peeps — by Heather
Peepz Ball — by Sharky
Peepton Abbey — by Lindsey, 2011 Golden Peeptini Winner
White chocolate hazelnut toasted Peep cheesecake — by Cindy

Peep Sonnet — by Stacey

O, in the quest to win the Golden Peep
It sometimes comes to pass that you must do
A silly task enough to make you weep
(But not like certain eps of Doctor Who).

The question of the task you undertake
Is not to be determined on a whim
It must be interesting, for your sake
And funny, for the sake of her and him.

If perchance you choose to write a sonnet
The odds it will be funny are quite low
Might increase your chances with a bonnet
And a nod to a sexy British show

This feeble effort from my little mind
Sherlock would mock relentlessly, you’d find

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